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Hardwood floor buff and coat
is what you need when
you have no scratches that
are all the way into the wood.

A Quick Buff and Coat vs. Refinishing

hardwood floor buff and coat St Paulhardwood flooring buffed and coated St Paul

Call Trinity Hardwood Flooring TODAY for a quick buff and coat - Some of our customers have worn and deeply scratched floors that take a bit more attention to bring back the flawless luster to the wood. Others have a dulled finish without the surface damage that requires the sanding. Our hardwood floor buff and coat surface restoration process is a craft that Trinity Hardwood Flooring has come to enjoy doing! The process is fast and easy, saving you time and money to get your floors back to pristine in a flash! We'll put your floors back to the finish you remember with our uncomplicated buff and coat process.

Hardwood Floor Buff and Coat St Paul

Trinity Hardwood Flooring is the only call you'll ever have to make if you have and love your hardwood floors. Time and money are concerns to all of us. Your flooring concerns are our only priority when we're working in your home and your satisfaction is the end result. We'll make your floors look like new again! It's great to be asked if you've installed new floors, when we do the quick hardwood floor buff and coat - Being cheaper than a total refinish, you can have it done more often. Give us a CALL today to set up your own free estimate - We'll meet you, at your convenience, and show you many options to get the job done and guide you, step-by-step, to make sure you get exactly what you need - Call now!   See our blog HERE

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